Last updated
December 2, 2021

Your Privacy Matters

Rise takes your privacy seriously which is why it is built to not track you or store any personally identifiable information on any servers.


Rise takes your privacy and personal data seriously. Rise will only retrieve the least information that is necessary. Individual users are never tracked and personal data is never given to third parties.

Location Information

You may opt to grant Rise access to your location to receive localized weather forecasts. Rise does not require access to your location however some of its features do. For the most accurate weather forecasts location permission is recommended but is not required. You can enable location access by selecting to allow location access “While Using the App” or “Always”. You can always change the location access on your devices’ settings.

Information Collection

Rise does not collect or store any personally identifiable information. Rise may ask for permission to access your location but this can be changed at anytime under your devices’ settings and is not required. When you allow location access to Rise, your location is used each time a request is made with the weather data server selected by you under Rise’ data source settings to retrieve weather forecasts for your location. None of the information sent is personally identifiable or stored by any third party.


Rise does not use any third party services for analytics. However, it does utilize Apple’s App Analytics platform to collect statistics on app crashes and usage. This information helps to diagnose and resolve any issues when encountered. This data is anonymous and cannot be used to personally identify users.